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Title Loan Anderson : First Capital Title Loan

The world is slowly evolving and booming with ideas, that could improve your business if you delve into it. Sometimes the necessary resources might not be available for the actualization of these goals. Title loans are slowly becoming the easiest means of getting quick cash instantaneously.

Title loans are small loans gotten over a short period of time, using the title of your car as a collateral. These loans usually last for 30 days, and have a higher rate compared to other sources of credit. Title loans range from a $100 to over a $1,000 and usually require a proof of income (regardless of credit score), as lenders need to be certain an individual can repay his/her loan.

There are several financial institutions that offer these services amongst which is; First Capital Title Loan, Anderson located at 1705 North Main Street Anderson, SC, 29621. This institution is opened 24/7 and offers premium loans of $1,000 with a 300% interest rate, a shelf life of 12 months, and charges $15 for a lien recording fee.

Unlike most financial institutions, First Capital Title Loan doesn’t have a prepayment or late payment penalty which leaves clients enough time to pay off their debts with the appropriate interest rates. They are easily accessible and can be contacted via their official website, or on the following numbers; 864-222-4657, 864-222-2771 or 864-222-1115.

Obtaining a title loan from First Capital Title Loan is pretty easy, all you need to do is fill a short online application form available on their website. After which you would be required to provide a few documents like;

  • Title of the car
  • A valid ID to ascertain you’re over 18
  • Driver’s License
  • Car Insurance Card
  • Proof of income; your last pay stub from work

After all of this is provided, show up with your car with the title you want to utilize as collateral. Your loan documents would be explained to you by the appropriate staffs, and your check would be handed to you. The whole process takes up about 30 minutes or less of your time.


With the ease of application, documentation, approval, and granted access to your vehicle, First Capital Title Loan remains the best choice for obtaining quick and stress free deals. Contact First Capital Title Loan today, and plunge into a world of possibilities.

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